I admit it…

I’m not the world’s fastest blogger. A lot has happened since my last post back in August. Most significantly, my novel was picked up for publication by Floris!

The night of the Kelpies prize was extremely exciting and high tension, with guest speaker Lari Don keeping us all on tenterhooks to see who’d won. Somewhere, in whatever vast warehouse they store all the bits and pieces they use to make up the Edinburgh Book Festival – chairs and PA systems, stages and bars, tents and confused authors – there’s a  table with a perfect set of fingerprints embedded on the underside of its metal top: that’s how tightly I was hanging on…

(Pic shows the shortlist: Alette Willis, me, and Daniela Sacerdoti all lined up waiting to be shot eagerly awaiting the result. I’m the one who doesn’t appear to be sinking into quicksand.)the usual suspects

Although I didn’t win, I soon got some great news. Sally Polson, commissioning editor at Floris, came over to tell me she’d loved my novel, and they’d like to publish it, and could I come into the office on Monday? I quite literally jumped for joy. There may have been some undignified whooping and yelling too, but the less said about that the better…

At Floris HQ – hidden in a top secret underground base beneath the Walter Scott monument in a ground floor tenement near Harrison Park – the following Monday, Sally talked me through the parts of the Daemon Parallel she had most enjoyed, and some of the bits she thought could do with a trim, or further explanation. “We’ve got something to show you as well,” she said, reaching into a desk drawer. “We’ve had an artist working on the cover for your book. What do you think?”

…and there he was. One of main characters – I’d tell you his name, but that’d be a SPOILER! – green eyes blazing, teeth barred, biker jacket flapping as he pounded up a steep and greasy set of steps from MORE SPOILERS! straight towards me.

I think I stared at that picture all the way home on the bus. Even now he’s tacked-up over my desk, glaring at me and challenging me to get on and write…  I’m still a little amazed. Something that started out in my head now had a life of its own.

And that would just be the start…

Countdown to publication: 63 days


2 thoughts on “I admit it…

  1. I think it’s a great idea to have a countdown to publication! I’ll be following eagerly.
    And in my defence, I was TOLD to keep you all on tenterhooks on the night of the announcement! Actually, I was told to talk for 15 minutes before I announced the winner, but as you all got paler and shakier, I came over all soft and gooey and cut my speech in half! So it could have been even worse.
    Really looking foward to Daemon Parallel, and hope you enjoy the next 63 days. Life will never be the same again…

  2. I cannot wait! I have the book on pre-order from Amazon, and what a bargain it is! Everyone in the world should own a copy! Seriously… so looking forward to reading it.

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