Location, location, location

From my very earliest idea, The Daemon Parallel was always going to be set in Edinburgh – or an alternate, monster-filled version of it. In the next few blogs, I’m going to share some of the locations that inspired me.

Arthur’s Seat

image (c) Kim Traynor, via wikipedia

this image (c) Kim Traynor, via wikipedia

Arthur’s Seat is a set of hills – an ancient extinct volcano – that overlooks the city. It’s a great place for a hike to clear your head, and the views are amazing…

The jagged and crumpled layers of rock that can be seen on Salisbury crags were a key inspiration for the geologist James Hutton in his theory of how the Earth was made.

What if… the clash of rock beneath the Earth that formed these hills also exposed something else? And who else might’ve come here to test out their theories about the world?

Heave Awa’ House

They say Edinburgh invented the skyscraper. The 17th century tenements of the Royal Mile often climbed ten or twelve stories above ground. And by the 1800s, some of those old buildings weren’t in the best condition…

When one of them collapsed, a young survivor was heard to call out from the rubble to his rescuers, “Heave awa’ lads, I’m no deid yet!”

The building that eventually was raised in its place included this stone head and inscription to mark the spot.

Looks like he’d have a story to tell…

St Bernard’s Well

The Water of Leith runs through the city, and you can follow its course for miles. You’re often only a short distance away from offices, traffic and houses, but you wouldn’t know it. You’re walking through a green valley, and you might see a heron, or swan, or a fox…

St Bernard’s Well looks someone plonked a miniature Greek temple down among all this lushness. People used to go and take the water there (they still unlock the pumphouse door on special occasions – the fountain has a lion’s mouth, and you waggle his tail to make him spew out the ‘healing’ liquid).

What if… this hidden location was the nesting place for something monstrous? What if instead of a statue of the watery and healthy goddess Hygieia, the plinth held a perfect white egg?

More location notes in my next blog…

Countdown to publication: 38 days

St Bernard's Well, vintage illus. via wikipedia

St Bernard's Well, vintage illus. via wikipedia


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