14 days…

I’m running behind!

It’s now just 14 days until The Daemon Parallel is published. 14 days! And I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks…

It occurred to me today that not only are there 14 days (14 days!) to go, there are also 28 chapters in Daemon Parallel… So as a teaser, I’m going to try tweeting those 28 chapter titles at the rate of two a day. You can find me on twitter as @roy_gill (note the underscore between the ‘roy’ and the ‘gill’ – without it, you’ll tweet someone else – and he might get a little cross…), and find posts about the books by searching twitter for #daemonparallel. The chapter title countdown can be found by searching #chapterteasertweet.

Today is Day 1, and reveals the innocent-sounding ‘An Offer over Coffee’ and ‘Night-time Stories’. But what spooky offer is being made, and to whom?  And what sort of dark stories might be uncovered at night?

It’s strange… I’m sure you could take those 28 chapter titles, and imagine a completely different book. Sort of like when you predict a complete movie from those little clips you get in trailers. And sometimes the movie you imagine from those clues is even better that the actual movie –

– Ok. Let’s maybe not pursue that thought! But rest assured, I think all 28 chapter titles are teaser-y not spoilery. So please read – and imagine away…

In other news: the advance copies of the novel are starting to arrive. Here they are! I’m particularly keen on the eyes on the spine.

And if you’d like a sneak preview of the actual novel, you can now read Chapter One online here. Just click ‘see inside this book’.

Countdown to publication:

14 days

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