The Recording of Dorian Gray

My debut post for the “Author Allsorts” is all about the recording of my first script…


It’s April 28 2013, and I’m both excited and a little nervous to be heading to a recording studio in London to see the making of my first script: a Halloween special for the audio drama series The Confessions of Dorian Gray.
As I arrive, the actors are gathering in the green room, drinking tea and chatting. Scott Handcock, the producer/director and series creator, welcomes everybody. Some have worked together before – on production company Big Finish’s other series, such as their long-running Doctor Who range. Everyone is friendly, and lead actor Alexander Vlahos (perhaps best known as Mordred in the BBC’s Merlin) takes the time to say nice things about my episode, which puts me at ease.


Recording starts swiftly. The play is a mixture of dramatised scenes, and narration in which Dorian ‘confesses’ his latest murky adventure in the realm of the supernatural. The first scene…

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