And it’s out…! Happy Halloween!


It’s a time when the veil between the worlds grows thin, and the dead return…

It’s a time for dressing up, for wearing costumes and adopting roles…

And the guises we take on… do they hide our true faces – or do they reveal who we really are?

This Halloween, listen out for ‘The Prime of Deacon Brodie’.

Loving this movie-style poster for my Dorian Gray play, which is out today. (You can imagine the text above read in a movie trailer-style growly voice if you like… No? Just me?)

Scroll down for links to interviews, behind the scenes and the (actual, real, proper) trailer.

Hugely proud of this, and hoping Dorian’s many fans enjoy it too…

And in other exciting novel-based news… please do check back next Friday (8 November) I think there might be something breaking through the Parallel…

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