12 books for young adults (and adults) to look forward to in 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 17.05.55Not sure how I missed this in the last update, but how brilliant for Werewolf Parallel to be included in Scottish Book Trust’s list of YA novels to look forward to in 2014.

Some great names to be mentioned alongside, including my stablemates for the KelpiesTeen launch, Lari Don and Gill Arbuthnott. I’ve recently had a sneak preview of Lari’s novel, Mind Blind and it’s a great read. There’s an element of the supernatural to the story, in the form of the central character’s mind-reading powers, but this is not the dominant tone or atmosphere. Instead, it’s a tight, pacy thriller that races to a breathless conclusion. I got a bit of a 39 Steps vibe from its two central characters – Ciaran and Lucy – who are locked in an uneasy alliance, on the run from the forces of law and disorder, in a chase from London to Edinburgh…

Exciting stuff! I fear I can’t say more for fear of (a) spoilers and (b) being hunted down and killed by Lari, but I’m sure this book is going to find a legion of fans…tumblr_mvygh8JipU1ski00oo1_1280

One thought on “12 books for young adults (and adults) to look forward to in 2014

  1. Oops. Commented on the wrong blog post first time around. Which just shows how clumsy I’m going to be at all this YA author stuff! I wanted to say – thanks so much for the lovely words about Mind Blind and thanks for the lack of spoilers too!

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