Release the werewolves!

tumblr_n2168eDJSI1tuhgb2o3_500My second novel, Werewolf Parallel is released today, alongside the shiny new version of Daemon Parallel. Hurrah! Please make your local bookshop’s day (and mine too) by rushing into their papery book-scented arms and demanding a copy at once. I’m breathlessly excited – do tweet (@roy_gill) or message or tumblr or blog and let me know what you think…

Here’s a blog post rounding up some of the latest news:

The first blog review is in, and it’s courtesy of the fabulous Emma Pass (author of the gripping dystopian novel ACID, and the forthcoming The Fearless). Emma says:

The writing is sharp, gripping and darkly funny, and the magical world hidden just beneath the surface of modern–day Edinburgh is brilliantly realised…  If you’re looking for a magical read with the perfect blend of mystery, excitement, humour and tension – a read which will keep you turning the pages well into the small hours of the morning – this is the book for you…

Wow. Thank Emma!

Emma has also interviewed me over on Author Allsorts. Find out what part of the novel I found hardest to write, and what unexpected surprises there were along the way

wolves mark watermarkedMy publishers KelpiesTeen have been active over on tumblr – you can check out a Roy Gill infographic, and a Parallel Prelude set between both books, with a gorgeous new illustration by Mark Manley featuring Cameron and Morgan climbing a snowbound Blackford Hill. (Also available to download FREE on scribd – a longer version will be released soon too). You can also find out about the other books in the KelpiesTeen range.

KelpiesTeen have posted Spotify links to a Daemon Parallel (“Closer than you think…”) and a Werewolf Parallel (“The wolf has woken…”) playlist: music that I listened to while writing or occasionally even helped inspire moments in the novels. I wrote a troublingly detailed list, explaining what track goes where – if you’re very, very (un)lucky, that might turn up in a future blog. For now, have a listen and marvel / mock my taste in music…

I’ll be helping to launch the range next week with a schools event at Merchiston Castle on Monday 24 March. Then, on Tuesday 25 I’ll be speaking about writing Young Adult fiction at the regular Edinburgh Literary Salon at the Wash Bar on the Mound at 6PM (a free event aimed at those involved or interested in writing and publishing). Finally, on Friday 28th I’ll be at the official KelpiesTeen range launch party, reading from and signing both books. The launch is very nearly sold out – but send me a message if you’re interested and we’ll see if you can be smuggled in…

Finally, I’m hugely thrilled to say that What Noise productions have added both Daemon Parallel and Werewolf Parallel to their eclectic range of audiobooks, available for download and purchase on MP3 CD. I can’t wait to hear the readings!

Hope you enjoy Cameron’s new adventures!



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