My Fantasy Casting Call by Roy Gill

Imagining the movie of Daemon Parallel and Werewolf Parallel – a fantasy casting call blog for Author Allsorts


werewolfparallelcover“So when’s your book going to be made into a movie?”

This is a not uncommon question during book festivals or school visits – and I’m always a little sad to have to explain that such a decision doesn’t rest with the writer!

I suppose the closest I’ve come to an adaptation of Daemon Parallel or Werewolf Parallel has been the talking books (from in which I can at least hear a talented actor give voice to my work. But a movie has a visual dimension too, doesn’t it? Casting means actors have to look as well as sound like my characters.

So, if any movie directors are willing, here are some suggestions from the acting world, past and present. And, by the way, can I take this opportunity to say – isn’t it about time we had a rollicking good fantasy film set in Edinburgh? We’ve got…

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