Werewolf Parallel

Werewolf Parallel cover

“Clever, creative and fun.” Kirkus Reviews

Published 20 March 2014 by KelpiesEdge (Floris Books)

ISBN-10: 1782500545 / ISBN-13: 9781782500544

Currently available as a Talking Book via Audible, and as an audiobook download or MP3 CD  direct from What Noise Productions

Please note: Werewolf Parallel is currently out-of-print as a paperback/ebook. All rights have reverted to me, please contact me re: any usage enquiries.  


“The madcap world is grounded by the relationships among characters as well as their struggles to fit into any world; newly minted werewolf Cameron’s wolf-longings and the disjuncture between Eve’s chronological and physical ages especially stand out. The villain goes from gross to terrifying, and the heroes end up making a bittersweet sacrifice that will leave readers demanding a continuation. Clever, creative and fun.” Kirkus Reviews

I adored Daemon Parallel, but I loved Werewolf Parallel even more, if that’s possible. The writing is sharp, gripping and darkly funny, and the magical world hidden just beneath the surface of modern–day Edinburgh is brilliantly realised… The descriptions are wonderful… almost Dahl-esque, in fact… If you’re looking for a magical read with the perfect blend of mystery, excitement, humour and tension – a read which will keep you turning the pages well into the small hours of the morning – this is the book for you. I urge everyone to get their paws on a copy now!”- Emma Pass (ACID, The Fearless)

“This book is action packed with pulsating adventure. It has a big wolf heart at the very core. Flowing with Scottish charm, this story has everything from spine tingling moments to emotional character enlightenment. It is difficult not to become wrapped up in the whole essence of the story and, before you know it, to be wolfing down each word… This is definitely a recommended read.” Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

I figured out what the series reminded me of–a Scottish Neverwhere. The Parallel takes the familiar sights of the city and subverts them into fantastical versions…. Daemon Parallel had the marvelously evocative Temperatori, and the Winter God sleeping in the department store, and Werewolf Parallel has the equally fascinating courtroom (complete with talking lanterns – the courtroom is what Disney might have conceived if he had been raised on straight Scotch and highland mist) and the Roman god Janus’s parallel travelling train. Janus especially is good–literally two-faced and gleefully mysterious, stalked by marble cats… All in all, an excellent outing. – Matt Cresswell, (editor Glitterwolf Magazine)

In this pacy novel, Roy Gill again captures teenage banter and concerns perfectly, while producing what is simply a Good Read” Suse Coon, Lothian Life

‘What is so modern (and so satisfying) about the Parallel novels is that the basic concept of the ‘secondary world’ genre is complicated, even exploded, by ideas of exchange and exploration. It’s not a simple either/or, a journey there and back again. Real life and the imaginary don’t and can’t exist separately: which makes the cliffhanger end all the more affecting.‘ – Nick Campbell, A Pile of Leaves

“I was so excited for this – and it did not disappoint. This book was fantastic. I loved every moment of it and had a very hard time putting it down… I really enjoyed the plot twists and general awesomeness… Cameron was amazing. Not only was he totally boss with his mad wolf skills, but he saved his friends time and time again simply by being himself” –  Anna, The Wood Between the Worlds

“Werewolf Parallel is an absolute joy. It has all the fun and adventure and imagination of Daemon Parallel, but multiplied…This novel is a wicked and wild ride, a jaunt through the weird world that Mr. Gill’s brain seems to occupy. If you like strange humor and stranger monsters, this is the novel for you.” – St John, Amazon.com customer review.

“Roy Gill has written a sequel, by popular request. It’s a good thing he did…  Werewolf Parallel is even better. There is a wicked astrophysicist. There are grey blobs, ancient gods and lots and lots of weird and wonderful things all over Edinburgh. Very enjoyable, and I wouldn’t put it past Roy to accidentally write a third Parallel novel… If Edinburgh is up for it, then so are we.” – The Bookwitch


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