Short Stories and Essays

Short Fiction


tommy-copy“Deus Ex Food Machine” in the A Target for Tommy fanthology, Obverse Books, 2016

s245970311962353406_p345_i1_w2400“Crackle” in The Myriad Carnival, ed. Matthew Bright, Lethe Press, 2016

Cameron and Morgan on Blackford Hill (image by Mark Manley)

“Paw Prints in the Snow’ in British Fantasy Society Journal #13, 2014 (this ‘Parallel Prelude’ – which takes places between Daemon Parallel and Werewolf Parallelcan also be heard here and on soundcloud)

Out_There_Cover_270.270‘Generations’ in Out There (ed. Zoe Strachan), Freight Books, 2014

“a beautifully written account of two young gay men… who tentatively correspond then meet and bond over their shared love of sci-fi-adventure stories” (Lynsey Calderwood)

51Xc9sp-0UL._SY445_‘The Strange Case of the Displaced Detective’ in Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes (ed. George Mann), Titan Books, 2014

“Fans of Doctor Who and time-travel shenanigans will find Roy Gill’s “The Strange Case of the Displaced Detective” very gratifying.” (Baker Street Babes)

Iris Wildthyme FifteenDog Days of Summer’ in Fifteen (Iris Wildthyme anniversary anthology), Obverse Books, 2013
generations-665x719‘Generations’, commission for ‘KIN’ online anthology, 2013

Quite the Fashion’, commission for Tramway Theatre’s lit magazine, Algebra, 2012

Extract from The Resurrection Spell  in New Writing, Scottish Book Trust, 2010

‘How it goes’,  Fractured West, issue 1, 2010


‘Sequels and Parallels’ in British Fantasy Society Journal #12, 2014

‘The Ice House’ and ‘The Ash Tree’; two essays on the BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas,  Creeping Flesh, ed. David Kerekes, Head Press

‘Edinburgh’, life writing/personal essay, Critical Quarterly, Vol 42 No4